• Auto-Enrolment
  • Keyperson Insurance
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Directors Pension Planning
  • Savings & Investment
  • Employee Benefits
What are you doing about meeting your legal obligations?
If you lost a key employee, would your business survive?
If your business partner dies can you afford to buy their shares?
Are you using your business to plan ahead tax-efficiently?
Is your money stagnating or growing?
Are you doing enough to help recruit and retain staff?

Welcome to Blossom Financial

Blossom Financial is the Business IFA practice specialising in providing advice to Directors, Partners and Sole Traders.

If your business turns over between £1-20m and you employ anywhere between 1-50 staff, we are able to help you.

With expert advice to help your finances run smoothly in the background, you can focus on the day-to-day matters and successfully building your business.

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Blossom Financial are expanding and looking for Financial Advisers to join the team.

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