Business Loan Protection

Do you have a business loan?  If so, have you protected it?

The death of a key person within the business can often cause great nervousness on the part of creditors. If the business has a loan or other bank borrowings the bank may wish to call in the loan or not extend any further credit. It may even be the directors or shareholders who have lent the business money.

What is Business Loan Protection Cover?

Business loan protection can provide a capital sum sufficient to repay the loan or other borrowings upon the death or critical illness of that key individual.

How does it help my business?

Business Loan Protection helps make sure that a business can repay money owed to the bank or other creditors. This is particularly important for the individual who takes on the role of being a guarantor. Otherwise their estate and family’s finances could be drawn upon to repay the loan.

If you haven’t protected your business loan, we can.  Please call or email us for an estimate of costs.


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