Remuneration & Fees - How we work

At Blossom we are committed to transparency when it comes to paying for our services. Costs will be explained, at every stage in full. 


We do not charge fees for this service. Instead for Pure Protection based products such as Life Assurance, we are paid directly by the insurance companies.

We are fully independent and policies are selected and recommended according to specific requirements and always in the client’s best interests. Full disclosure of research undertaken is available.

Wealth & Investment Management

We offer a fee-based service so that we are able to offer truly impartial advice and are proud of our independence from financial institutions. This means that we are always free to make recommendations which genuinely put our clients’ interests first.

We find that most clients pay for the advice they receive as a flat percentage of the full amount invested. However as the amount invested increases, fees are tiered and will be reduced as the size of the portfolio increases.

Please contact us for a full explanation of the fees charged for different services.

Project Work

We may undertake one-off projects where implementation is not required.  A specific fee will be agreed based on our hourly rates, which are available on request.

For more information please call us to find out how we can help you and your business.

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