If you lost a key employee, would your business survive?

The death or prolonged illness of a key employee or director can put your business under financial strain and in many cases lead to business failure. Protecting keypersons is vital to business success.

What is Keyperson Cover?

Key person cover is one of the most overlooked insurance policies for businesses; but also one of the most important and vital. As a business person you might have public liability insurance, professional indemnity insurance and even maybe legal cost insurance.

But what if you were to lose one of your key employees, shareholders, partners or directors?
How would your business cope if one of your key employees died or was unable to work for many months because of critical illness or accident? This is what key person cover protects against.  

How does it help my business?

Keyperson cover puts money into the business at a time you most need it. It could be used to replace lost profits as a result of losing key client relationships and cover the cost of recruitment of new individuals to fill the gap of the ill/deceased employee.

Keyperson cover is also known as ‘Key Man’.

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