Family, Mortgage & Income Protection

Ask yourself "What would happen financially to the people around me if I suffered a serious illness, accident, or died?" Who would pay the bills, the mortgage, the food shopping. How would the kids survive? Without you they would be lost.

Prolonged ill-health, disability and death are all major threats to a family’s financial security. Whilst these are not subjects that are particularly pleasant to think about, it’s important to review your insurance arrangements regularly.

As circumstances change, so do your insurance needs. A change of house, an addition to the family, a change of job, redundancy or retirement, these are all factors which could influence your insurance needs.

What is Family, Mortgage & Income Protection?

Family life insurance is designed to pay out a cash sum to help provide for your family in the event of your unexpected or premature death. If your children, your partner or other relatives depend on your income to cover the mortgage or other living expenses, then you need life insurance.

Mortgage life and critical illness insurance is designed to pay out a cash sum to help pay off your mortgage if you die or suffer a critical illness.

Income Protection insurance pays a monthly amount to help maintain pay the bills and maintain lifestyle in the event you are unable to work due to injury or illness.

How does it help me?

Having adequate protection policies, including life insurance, critical illness and income protection, help safeguard the financial security of you and your loved ones.

Your loved ones could continue to live in the family home without worrying about the mortgage and look forward to maintaining the lifestyle they have been accustomed to.

Do you have children, a mortgage, or other people who are financially dependent on you?  If so please call us for a review of your arrangements.

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