Shareholder & Partnership Agreements

If your business partner dies, can you afford to buy their shares?

If you run a business and are concerned about retaining control of your business in the event of losing your business partner, or finding the funds to purchase their shareholding, then you will need a formal agreement.

What is a Shareholder & Partnership Agreement?

Without initial planning and consideration, if a director or business partner dies the surviving directors could run the risk of the shares passing to someone with no interest in the company.
An agreement and associated policy taken out on the relevant shareholder could ensure the surviving business owners have the right to and are able to afford to buy the deceased's share of the business from his or her estate.

How does it help my business?

This ensures difficult questions are avoided and allows the remaining shareholders or partners to retain control of the business whilst the beneficiaries of the deceased's estate can realise the value of their share of the business.

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